John Hidinger
Thanks for your great work and dedication.
John Rawinski(non-registered)
Nice to meet you yesterday at Monte Vista. Took a look and loved your work. Especially the grizzly bears. I will bookmark your site and so I can do further viewing....all the best....Thanks for purchasing my book too!
Rich Hoeg(non-registered)
Great to meet you up in the Bog today on a soggy day. Sorry I did not have much time to chat. Your images are super, and I enjoyed the pic of the Snowy Owl you photographed in Superior.

Incidentally, a Pine Marten is raiding the peanut butter at Admiral Road bird feeders. It has been a late afternoon visitor.
Tammy Bain(non-registered)
Very beautiful photos, Peter!
Michelle -big sista'(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing your spectacular photos! I sent the link to Nicole in Sweden (-:
Christine Vigil(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing these, Peter! These are wonderful!
Jamie Webb(non-registered)
Peter, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy looking at your photography. I have it bookmarked on my PC so that I can flip through your various albums anytime. I love the Teton photo I have framed in our bedroom and hope to have an entire "Ismert" collection soon. Keep traveling so you can upload more photos!!!
Chris White(non-registered)
Really enjoyed the Pingree photos especially. Great shots of the valley, cabins and Mummy range. Brings back great memories from 1984. Great stuff Pete keep 'em coming!
Michelle Ismert-Mitchell(non-registered)
Peter Ismert Photography
The Southern France album includes Cathar ruins and bits of Spain too. -Michelle B.
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