Shane Morrison(non-registered)
Peter, I just connected with you on Facebook and saw your website. I'm planning on setting up a similar website this year. You have taken some great photos and I like the style of your work. I very much enjoyed viewing them. I especially like your owl pictures, the backlight moose cow and calf, alpenglow on Denali, and so many others. Also I enjoyed your image in Wild Planet. Maybe I'll see you around Colorado sometime.
Steve Segall
Hi Peter, I'd not previously visited your website. It is literally a feast of have loads of lovely shots. Great stuff. Here's looking forward to your adding to your repertoire in Zambia next year.

Kind regards

John Hidinger
Thanks for your great work and dedication.
John Rawinski(non-registered)
Nice to meet you yesterday at Monte Vista. Took a look and loved your work. Especially the grizzly bears. I will bookmark your site and so I can do further viewing....all the best....Thanks for purchasing my book too!
Rich Hoeg(non-registered)
Great to meet you up in the Bog today on a soggy day. Sorry I did not have much time to chat. Your images are super, and I enjoyed the pic of the Snowy Owl you photographed in Superior.

Incidentally, a Pine Marten is raiding the peanut butter at Admiral Road bird feeders. It has been a late afternoon visitor.
Tammy Bain(non-registered)
Very beautiful photos, Peter!
Michelle -big sista'(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing your spectacular photos! I sent the link to Nicole in Sweden (-:
Christine Vigil(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing these, Peter! These are wonderful!
Jamie Webb(non-registered)
Peter, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy looking at your photography. I have it bookmarked on my PC so that I can flip through your various albums anytime. I love the Teton photo I have framed in our bedroom and hope to have an entire "Ismert" collection soon. Keep traveling so you can upload more photos!!!
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