Peter Ismert Photography
Denver, Colorado

I’m a conservation photographer and environmental scientist who creates images and visual stories that engage our emotional connections with nature and illustrate work being done to protect and restore ecosystems. My photography builds off his long career of protecting and restoring waterways in the western United States through watershed studies, stream restoration projects, and water quality protection. 


I apply my environmental experience to my photography and storytelling that is about the diverse wildlife and landscapes of the Rocky Mountain states. I specialize in capturing candid moments of wildlife behavior to convey the beauty of all species and to illustrate the need to protect and restore their habitat. In addition, I frequently travel to Botswana, Zambia, and Kenya to photograph wildlife and to see first-hand the most pressing environmental issues in Africa. This has broadened my outlook on the power of conservation photography and visual storytelling. 


I hope that my photography helps enable community-based environmental protection, an approach that connects communities with nature, that enlightens communities about their own natural environment and educates people about the science and hard work needed for its protection. Ultimately this inspires communities to take action to protect ecosystems and the services they provide.


I grew up near Denver, Colorado and still live there with my wife who is often a partner in my photography and storytelling adventures. We also live part time in Crestone, CO, a small mountain town in the San Luis Valley. I have explored local environmental issues with photography and many of myimages have been published in local media outlets, online photography and conservation magazines, government scientific publications, and have been shown in local and online photography galleries.