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Welcome to my photography website. Thanks for checking in and viewing my images. There are currently 11 galleries consisting of my favorite images, organized by themes and location. Missing are still are my years of medium-format black-and-white work, which I have yet to invest the time to digitally scanning the medium-format film. That will be a future chapter.


The Grand Landscapes of Colorado gallery is made up of images from wild and scenic locations from the mountainous areas of the State. They are all true landscape photographs in that they all include a horizon and capture the breadth of Colorado’s mountainous scenery.  Some of the images date back quite a few years ago and had to be meticulously scanned into digital format from 35mm slides. The resulting images show the true light so often seen in Colorado.


The Intimate Landscapes gallery also contains landscapes, but with a closer perspective to highlight the interactions among features on the landscape. Horizons are not present to keep the eye searching for relationships in the natural world. The Natural Microcosm gallery contains images of the miniature world. These close ups of nature illustrate the beauty and complexity of the natural world that is often overlooked.


There are several galleries with images from some of my travels. These include wild and scenic images of the Ancient SouthwestYellowstone, Alaska, the Grand Canyon, and the Patagonia region of southern Chili and Argentina. I hoped to capture the essence of these locations to communicate what I experienced while traveling.


More recently I've begun spending time photographing wildlife close to home. My Birds and Mammal galleries contain my most recent images. I hope to hone my wildlife photo skills close to home for upcoming trips afar.


Finally, there is a set of image galleries from Kenya and Botswana. These images are relatively new additions to my collection and are my most cherished. Cherished in that I’m fearful that the animals will no longer have what freedoms they have left to wander the isolated areas of eastern and southern Africa. Some of the elephants in these images have since been killed by militia-like poachers for their ivory that is used to make trinkets for people living in Asia and elsewhere (including USA) who see the carvings as status symbols. Many animals are also being killed out of spite due to interactions and conflicts with humans.  I hope to again witness the remnants of the wild Africa before it changes beyond recognition.

Support for Wildlife

November 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Our trips to Kenya Botswana have really heightened our appreciation for African wildlife. We went on a safaris led by Ker & Downey Safaris and Wild Eye Photos Safaris/Conservation Safari Company. Ker & Downey Safaris really invented the film and photography safari in the 1940's and have been working to protect wildlife ever since.  Wild Eye Photos Safaris and Conservation Safari Company are equally conservation minded and specialize in using photography to promote wildlife protection. Our memories of the magnificent wildlife, both big and small, cute and ferocious, will stay with us forever.  Sadly though, wildlife is vanishing from East Africa.  Although many animals remain in protected areas, complete wildlife assemblages outside of these areas are rare.


To help protect and restore wildlife populations and their natural habitat in Kenya, all profits from the sale of my African photographs will be donated to The Kenya Wildlife Trust and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, both headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.  The Kenya Wildlife Trust was established in 2007 by a group of professional safari guides (including those from Ker & Downey), united in their dedication to the conservation of wildlife. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust exists to protect wildlife in Kenya and is best known for the hand-rearing of orphaned elephants, so that they can return to the wild when grown.  Their websites are: and Please visit their websites to learn more about their work, and checkout their Facebook pages and "like them" to get timely updates.


The print prices represent the base print-lab costs plus some markup for eventual donations. If a gift, you can have framed prints shipped directly to that person. Prints of the elephants, cheetahs, lions, and giraffes would make great gifts for your wildlife-loving friends.  If you have any printing questions or questions about the images, please just contact me through this website.

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